The Program: book review

By Halie Wingo
Staff Reporter
“The Program,” by Suzanne Young, is a story centered around the teen suicide epidemic. In the book, a program is put in place to help stop teens from committing suicide. The program doesn’t allow teenagers to show sadness to adults.

The book was completely gripping from beginning to end. Young did an amazing job showing thoughts from the main character, Sloane. James, Sloane’s boyfriend, is a huge part of her life after her brother, Brady, commits suicide. Best friends James and Brady are committed to keeping Sloane safe, but after seeing what happens to the people that come out of the program, they never want to go, no matter how sad they could be.

This is an amazing story that is suspenseful and exciting from beginning to end. There is a whole series of these books published and in most bookstores.


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