AP art opens new doors

By Halie Wingo
Staff Reporter

The art department is now offering brand new AP art classes like AP Studio Art Drawing, AP Studio Art 2D Design and AP Studio Art 3D Design. These classes are for students who are interested in advancing their art skills. The classes are taught by WCHS art teachers Emily Litsey and Viki Pope. The art department is expecting to give help and independent work time with less instruction to students interested in advancing their art skills and creating a portfolio.

This class will open doors for potential college art students. Students are required to complete basic art classes, including Intro to 2D art and Intro to 3D art before taking the AP art class.

“The AP program is designed to let students work independently and to create their own ideas, so I don’t have, in the 2D, a specific lesson that I give them,” Litsey said.

Elijah Bultman is a student in the AP 2D art class. He said he is very passionate about art and he was very excited that the school offered AP art this year.

“I’m really passionate about art and I have been in an art class every year of high school and I am in two now. I was in a few last year. This is the first year it’s offered and Mrs. Litsey thought I would be a great fit for it,” Bultman said.

Bultman said that in this class, you make themed art and other kinds to submit in your portfolio.

“Our portfolio is 12 pieces of work that are based around a theme. My theme is gem stones so I just make a bunch of crystals and things with rock textures. Then there is 12 as well that are non-themes that can just be anything you want,” Bultman said.

Pope also said that by taking this class, students can earn college credit and test out of a few different classes for students interested in furthering their art career in college and beyond.

“If they do well enough on their portfolio, it can test them out of one or two different classes at the college level because if they are interested in art they would have to take an intro to 2D or an intro to 3D class and this would cover that,” Pope said.

Bultman said that in the class they make 24 pieces of art through the year to submit in a portfolio, which makes it different than other classes.

“It’s not like you’re working towards studying for a huge test at the end; basically the entire year is a big test because you’re making 24 pieces of art that go in a portfolio that’s sent out at the end of the year,” Bultman said.

Litsey agreed and said that college credit is a large part of taking the class for most students. Litsey also explained how she lets students work on their own projects on their own time.

“College credit is a big thing and also I would just encourage people that really like to work independently, that want to have time set aside to really focus in and to really develop their technical skills,” Litsey said.

To learn more about the AP art classes, information can be found in the WCHS website under the visual arts tab. Students can put in their schedule to be a part of this class to earn AP art credit for the 2018-2019 school year and enjoy the open work environment and class time to create art independently.


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