WCHS racers start their engines

By Whitney Black
Staff Reporter

For anyone who likes to go fast and is competitive, racing might just be the thing to do! Quad racing and drag racing are some of the many extreme sports to compete in. Drag racing is a sport where two vehicles compete side-by-side in an acceleration contest, according to a Houston motorsports park website. A quad is a four-wheeled motorcycle. Riding on a quad may look fun; however, it is dangerous. Yet, it is enjoyed by many!

WCHS senior Sadie Welch has been racing since she was five years old. She started racing because of her brother.

“My brother, because he’s an awesome rider. He is a fast and smart racer, so I wanted to be like that,” Welch said.

Although quad racing sounds enjoyable, it comes along with many expenses,. According to jandjracing.com, costs of racing includes race fees, travel expenses and never-ending repairs and maintenance. Some other necessities are motocross gear for practice and racing; however, winning a race can make it worth it. Welch said that she has won two national championships and six state championships and she does want to continue racing in the future.

“I want to continue racing after my senior year, but my college education will come first because racing is just an expensive hobby,” Welch said.

Racing is very competitive but can teach a lot of great skills, such as sportsmanship and the value of hard work. According to jandjracing.com, racers learn to accept defeat and work hard to triumph. Welch discussed how even in tough races, winning is still a possibility.

“My favorite thing is that even when you are having a tough race day, you can always push yourself to come back and win,” Welch said.

WCHS junior Kristen Locke has been involved with drag racing since she was eight years old and started racing because of her father, who has been her biggest influence.

“My biggest influence in racing is definitely my dad. He has always helped me improve and taught me about racing in general. Not to mention that I need him to fix and run my car,” Locke said.

Locke has made many accomplishments throughout racing. She has won about 20 trophies and she has even won a Wally.

“A Wally is a trophy and on the trophy is a little guy. His name is Wally Parks; Wally Parks is the founder of NHRA. NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association, which is what I am a part of. It is a very important trophy to get,” Locke said.

Racing can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Locke mentioned that her favorite part about racing is building relationships with her friends.

“My favorite thing about racing is the friends I have made and how much fun it is,” Locke said.

Locke discusses how she plans to continue racing until she’s older and can race bigger cars.

“I do plan to take it into my future; after I turn 18, I can no longer drive a junior dragster, so after that I plan to buy a race car or drive my dad’s first race car until I can get enough money to buy my own. I am planning to drive a junior dragster until I am 18, although I could race a bigger car now that I am 16,” Locke said.

Although racing can bring tough endings and can be costly, it teaches valuable lessons, brings new friends and could be a great option for competitive individuals.


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