WCHS gives back to the Whiteland community

By Nikkel Mitchell
Staff Reporter

Many say the holiday season is a time for giving and WCHS is doing just that. WCHS has many donation projects for students and people in need. The school’s choirs conducted a food drive this year, the counselors participated in Christmas Angels and PEER has completed numerous local service projects.

According to uwjc.org, the Christmas Angels program gives a local family a sponsor who provides them with toys, clothes and other necessities. It is designed to provide gifts for children, newborn to 17 years old, because otherwise some of the families of Johnson County would not have a Christmas. The families must qualify based on income to receive gifts from this program. United Way of Johnson County partners with Grace United Methodist Church to run the Angel Tree Store, which donates toys and clothing from local businesses and individuals.

Counselor Kelly Rose, along with many others from the WCHS staff, have joined in on the Christmas Angels project this year. Rose loves doing the program because it allows everyone to enjoy Christmas time.

“My favorite part of this project would have to be knowing that children who otherwise would not have a Christmas will at least have a few gifts this holiday season. It is pretty amazing to see the community come together to support each other,” Rose said.

Another donation program at WCHS would be the choir food drive, which was just initiated this holiday season. All proceeds from the food drive go to the Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County. Michael Conley, choir teacher, initiated the food drive to help local people during a hard time.

“We wanted to give back to the community during the holidays because of how hard the holidays can be for people in our community,” Conley said.

The choirs hope for the food drive to become an annual occurrence, and are hopeful for successful outcomes. The food drive is a week long, and anybody can donate to the cause, not just choir students and their families.

“A week is a good length of time because it creates the urgency to donate items. Students can bring in any nonperishable food items or hygiene products directly to the main office or choir room,” Conley said.

Some of the WCHS PEER donation projects they are doing include Wee Warriors, Christina Place, Ray Skillman’s “Clothe A Family,” and “We Care.”

Wee Warriors is a preschool where PEER has a Christmas party for their students and they host a Christmas party at the Christina Place retirement as well.“We Care” is a program that will give a Christmas party to the foster care facility, with gifts, food and toys for the fosters families. “Clothe A Family” is where Ray Skillman donates money, which the PEER member use to buy Christmas presents at Kohls.

The organizations of WCHS have truly given back to the community this season. With all of the diverse projects going on this year, WCHS has found the joy this season by donating more than just their time.

While it is fun to receive gifts, sometimes giving back to others in need is more rewarding.


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