Super Smash Bros. smashes their way to the very top

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor

The Nintendo game “Super Smash Bros.” is a series of crossover fighting games, which seem to be very popular. Now WCHS has introduced an after school club, Super Smash Bros Club, where students can sit and compete with each other. This new club focuses on having fun and just playing video games after school once a month on a Thursday.

If any students would like to be a part of this club, they can join on Google Classroom with the code umzbkx8.

The sponsor of the Super Smash Bros and math teacher, Jordan McClain, decided to make this club since he is a fan of the Super Smash Bros. series and he loves being competitive with the students.

“I started it because I was asked. And I personally am a fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. I’ve played all of them but the latest. I also had Landon, the founder of the club, last year in Geometry. I always liked having him in my class and so I figured I would enjoy working with him in this club. And of course laying the smack down on a few students in Super Smash Bros. is an added bonus of sponsoring the club as well,” McClain said.

This club is very different from other clubs WCHS has. It is student-led, but McClain gets very involved in the game.

“One unique thing about the club is how much it is student-led. The students bring everything necessary. They bring the consoles, the controllers, the games, and even the tvs. I just show up and hang out with them. And Landon does a good job of organizing it and making sure everyone gets a chance to play,” McClain said.

WCHS student Brandon Hernandez is one of the members in Super Smash Bros. Hernandez explained what the club is all about and how it connects different people.

“Well for starters, Smash is not just a typical game where you just choose a character and battle it out; it also brings towards many people that can show many different types of move sets and ideas that can help yourself or anyone progress in the game with some actual training…,” Hernandez said. “Smash has many opportunities than to just play one of the same game and not have a “do this, do that” outlook. Smash has you do anything that’s planned or just an idea that people can agree on and comprehend it. In any other case, Smash is a very unique club, it’s where ideas and competition actually matter, as well as opportunity.”

Hernandez went on to explain his favorite part of the club.

“Personally, [my favorite part] is the amount of people inside to compete with and talk mutually about the game and it’s control or the amount of teamwork put into the club, along with the interaction with the people in the club. It’s very interesting on how people take view to the game when you can debate or agree on,” Hernandez said

Hernandez enjoys this club and is glad it finally started. Hernandez explained why he likes the Smash Bro. club so much and why others should join the club.

“The amount of ideas placed onto it was infinite and they keep on saying, ‘Dude you’re missing out! You should join us, it’s really fun!’ By then, these friends and I are starting to get ideas on having Smash Club back and alive, but one man by the name of Landon Crook, made it happen. He worked hard for days and weeks to keep this club going and when it was revealed, I took no hesitation to go to the club. So far? It’s really like what everyone has said! Smash Club is awesome,” Hernandez said.

This club is just for fun and it seems like the students really enjoy it. Anyone interested should speak to Landon or McClain and join the Google Classroom. The club meets on Thursdays in the LGI at the Northwest building.


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