Students demonstrate their specific geographic skills

By Noah Cagle
News Editor

As the world makes the transition to the digital age, physical maps are becoming less common as satellite navigation services have been introduced. Digital maps provide an efficient alternative to big wrinkly paper maps, and some digital map applications are even able to direct drivers through their route verbally.

But if people stop using paper maps, what potential damaging effects will show? WCHS Perspectives sets out to answer this question, gathering information from 42 freshmen, 50 sophomores, 51 juniors and 54 seniors, 197 students in total.

Students were provided with a blank map of the United States, with the states of Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin and Missouri each filled with a unique color.


map 1

Students were also asked to match the European countries of Sweden, Ireland, Germany and Turkey with their corresponding color on a blank map.
map 2

The graph shown below shows the percentage of students of whom took the survey and got the specified country or state correct.

map graphing image


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