Player Spotlight: Vince Palade

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

According to softschools, “The first puck used during outdoor hockey in the 1800s was made of frozen cow dung. Bobby Hull shot the fastest puck in recorded history, at 118 miles per hour.” 203 years later, WCHS junior Vincent Palade started playing hockey in 2003.

“My coach Derek Edwardson [is my role model] because he made it to a high level, but not only that, he has gone through the same situation of billeting [when a family houses a player from a different state] with another family to play hockey,” Palade said.

Palade is from Homer Glen in Illinois and is currently billeting. He moved down to Whiteland around late September.

“I’m currently housing with the Burnsides: Brian, Jessica, Zane, and Riley. They are really nice people and I’m very thankful for them letting me stay with them,” Palade said.

Palade explained why he came to Indiana to play hockey.

“I came to play hockey in Indiana to excel my career in the sport to go to the next level, whether it’s juniors or college. A coach from Illinois actually helped make this possible and I would like to give him thanks for it,” Palade said. Palade said Illinois and Indiana are nothing alike, but there are many things that he does like about this state.

“[Indiana] is nothing like Illinois. Being away from my family takes a toll on my mentality, causing me to have a vile mentality sometimes. Although there are a few downsides to living here, the people are all nice, everyone is respectful, and no one really cusses down here. There’s more area to move around freely, instead of tightly packed suburbs. Overall, Indiana isn’t a bad place like I thought [it would be],” Palade said.

Palade has been playing hockey for 14 years.

“I put on my first pair of skates at the age of three years old. My parents pushed me into the sport because my dad played hockey,” Palade said.

Palade’s father went to college at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Right after college, he started coaching with his old high school coach.

Palade currently plays for the Indiana Youth Hockey League. He has many role models, but the most influential is his coach Derek Edwardson.

Palade’s position is defenseman, most favorably on his offside. Above all of the moves, his favorite is the slapshot.

“I love to take slapshots. A slapshot is winding up your stick to the waist and swing it down to create a bend in the stick and then hit the puck; the bend releases and the puck will go flying,” Palade said.

“I want everyone to remember this quote because it’s my life motto that I made up for myself: You have to know yourself and know your worth to show your true value. Make that value high,” Palade said.


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