A Day in the Life of Assistant Principal Benji Betts

By Taelor Engle
Opinion Editor

Benji Betts is the assistant principal at WCHS and plays an important role in the running of this school. Not only does he excel at his duties, but he enjoys them.

“One of the biggest things for me is the team of people you work with, a cohesiveness a unity of people there and that they’re all on the same page,” Betts said.

Betts went into detail about his daily tasks that he must perform.

“I would say the principal ends up having to make a lot of the final decisions in a lot of things and I help get things to where I can take them to him or do a lot of the things to help take some stuff off of our principal’s plate, to free him up to do other things,” Betts said. “He deals with a lot of things and when we look at that big global perspective of what happens in a school and I get to concentrate more on some smaller things like fresh development for our building for teachers with the curriculum that we’re doing in our building and doing a lot of those things where as Mr. Zobel has to kind of keep an eye on everything, and have a good pulse on everything going on. But it eventually has to end up with him for the final say on things.”

Betts described why he applied at WCHS and what he noticed about the school.

“The team of people you work with, a unity of people and that they’re all on the same page. I felt that when I talked to people here, from the superintendent all the way down to teachers and anyone else that works in the building. It just seemed to be everybody was on the same page and working together to help kids get a good education,”Betts said.

Betts talked about how he was at the time not looking for a new job but looking more for better qualities in a work place.

“I wasn’t really looking for a new job, but a friend of mine contacted me and said there was an opening here and I wasn’t really interested at all at first then I was just like ‘okay, I’ll come talk to you guys’ and then when I came in and heard what’s going on educationally, and what we’re doing for students here in Whiteland schools, I was really impressed by it and really intrigued. I wanted to be apart of that and wanted to be apart of helping kids in a different manner than what I’d been involved with in other positions and thought I could really learn a lot and hopefully help out in some way. So really for me it was just doing something a little bit differently educationally and getting to know a new place and I’m ecstatic I made the decision to come here,” Betts said.

Betts goes into detail about how a higher role comes with higher responsibility and it’s not always easy.

“I think as an administrator, almost everybody wants things to be black and white but they never really are. It’s always trying to make a decision that’s best for students, those tough calls, usually it’s things when you have to suspend a student, I think, ‘cause you never want to do that. It’s a hard thing and I think it’s tough on any of us that have to do that. Those are probably the toughest calls, when we have to sit down and decide if we’re going to expel or suspend a student,” Betts said

Betts went into detail about what it is like for him outside of the school and work friends.

“Outside of school, I have a crazy life because I have two children that are involved in a lot of stuff. So we run to practices all the time, and are going to games and competitions all the time. My son plays basketball and baseball and my daughter has gotten into gymnastics so we’re either going to basketball practice, baseball practice, gymnastics practice everyday of the week. In the downtime that I have between all of those, I love listening to music, podcasts and I love movies. I love to travel with my family, we have a blast going on different, little vacations whether it’s a day vacation or a couple days, I love doing all of that as well. So just anytime I have free time outside of school, I want to spend it with my family as much as I can,” Betts said.

Betts is one of the leaders of WCHS and he makes the high school a fun place to learn as he guides and helps students and staff throughout the year, which he is very happy to do.


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