Christmas Quiz: Just How Festive Are You?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but there is plenty of history behind this holiday. This quiz was made to not only to test your knowledge on the holiday, but to also help inform you about some of the strange, obscure or just interesting facts about the Christmas holiday.

What color are the berries on mistletoe?
A.) White B.) Red C.) Blue D.) Orange

What type of tree is often thought of as a “Christmas Tree?”
A.) Oak B.) Spruce C.) Pine D.) Maple

How many points does a snowflake traditionally have?
A.) 5 B.) 8 C.) 4 D.) 6

What country does St. Nicholas originally come from?
A.)Yemen B.) Iran C.) Turkey D.) Armenia

What was the last U.S. State to recognize Christmas as a Holiday?
A.)Oklahoma B.) Iowa C.) Indiana D.) Maine

Answer Key: 1.) A 2.) B 3.) D 4.) C 5.) A

0: Christmas Grinch

Perhaps Christmas isn’t your holiday. Perhaps it is and you just didn’t know the facts. Whatever the case, you might want to check to see if your heart is two sizes too small…

1-2: Christmas Elf

As an underling of the great St. Nick himself, you are instructed to know a bit about the facts and traditions of Christmas, but not much. You might know too much if you did.

3-4: Christmas Superfan

The difference between you and the elves is you don’t have a knowledge restriction. Perhaps you had an encounter with St. Nick, or you just know the holidays, but you know your stuff.

5: Santa Claus

I did not know Santa went to WCHS (or maybe you looked at the answer key). Whatever the case, you got all questions right and so you must be Santa Claus. It’s just basic logic.


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