Mitchell’s Makeup: Benefit’s Porefessional Review

Nikkel Mitchell
Staff Reporter

Benefits Porefessional is a primer near and dear to my heart. According to the Sephora website, the primer ends up being $30 before taxes. Although it is very pricey, I feel like the product is more than worth it. Many people say that the Maybelline New York Baby Skin primer is a dupe for Porefessional, but I have tried both of them and although the Baby Skin primer is a lot cheaper, I would not say that it is a dupe. The Maybelline primer has more of a silicone base, and I find that it makes my face way too oily and slippery. When I put my foundation and powder on, after about an hour and a half, I find that my foundation slips and slides around and just ends up breaking apart or rubbing off the foundation on my nose. Porefessional itself minimizes pores very well, in my opinion.

However, a downside is that if you put too much on, it becomes very cakey and breaks apart the foundation, especially on and around your nose. So, in this instance, less is more. Personally, I like to put the primer around my nose, my laugh lines, a little on my chin, and some on my nose, which is also where I get very oily. For the rest of my face, I like to use just any kind of moisturizer, and use my clean fingers to massage it into the places on my face where I have not yet put any other product.


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