American Horror Story Season 7: Cult Review

By Halie Wingo
Staff Reporter

“American Horror Story: Cult,” the newest season in the “American Horror Story” series, was, personally, an extremely riveting and mysterious show throughout the entire season. The season started Oct. 5 and continued for 11 horror-filled episodes, ending on Nov. 14. The show aired on “FX” at 10 p.m. every Tuesday night. Ally Mayfair-Richards’ (Sarah Paulson) world was completely shattered after Donald Trump won the election. Being a married woman with many phobias, this sent her spiraling and eventually negatively affecting her relationships with her wife, Ivy (Alison Pill), and her son, Ozymandias “Oz” (Cooper Dodson). Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) and his sister Winter (Billie Lourd) have differing opinions about the presidential election though. The orphaned adults living in their parents’ house come up with a plan to make sure Kai gets what he wants. Their elaborate plans throughout the season, their references to their own past experiences and other infamous people like the recently deceased Charles Manson and his followers and the Peoples’ Temple, led by Jim Jones. After he wins the councilman chair Kai tries to make political statements by using his own followers that slowly start becoming more and more dangerous and potentially deadly. He then tries to move up politically and even gains publicity by getting himself attacked so that he will be seen as a hero. This season was rated a 6.83 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes, but I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10. The show had many twists and turns, and the entire season had many mysteries that were all brought together at the end to connect and resolve themselves. “Cult” had 13.8 million people watching the season premiere. I personally liked the season the second most of the whole series. The ending is satisfying and not as predictable as other seasons. I loved that it was relevant to the current state of our country and relatable to some places having riots and unfair governing. The reality of show also made it just that much more scary and that much more worth watching.


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