Yearbook to make memories over the years

By Jaelin Engle
Feature Editor

Yearbook is a class that comes with a lot of tasks for each of the students who decide to take it. This is an activity where students will have to interview, take pictures, gather quotes, design pages and make sure that all deadlines are met when activities need to be accomplished. This class is a great way to gather other students’ opinions on things in the school. Although yearbook is an extracurricular, it is not a club. At the moment, there are only four students and they have two freshmen volunteers to help make this year’s book.
The yearbook staff has to figure out certain things such as main events that the yearbook would have to cover for students to look back on. When they are doing their pages, members must find out which quotes will best fit with the page. They must also figure out what type of things will go on the page, including topics such as sports teams, choirs and school clubs also including all school activities. Not only do the students of this class find quotes that will go on the page, they also have to search for pictures that they take to best fit the activities they choose to cover a certain page. It takes focus and coordination to figure out what will all go on their pages that they are assigned.
WCHS senior Sierra Helms went back to yearbook after realizing the joy she felt for it.
“I did yearbook in middle school and it was something that I really enjoyed. Also I need an elective and I was like, why not join yearbook again,” Helms said.
Many times students design the spreads so that it will catch another student’s eye. This year the new yearbook adviser, Bibler, is making it to where the yearbook staff will get all students and staff into the book at least twice. WCHS senior Bailey Jones explained some of the activities that the staff performs for yearbook.
“Some activities we do in this class are getting interviews, taking photos, designing yearbook spreads, and we have to go to a yearbook seminar,” Jones said.
Originally the school did not give the option for a newly hired teacher to be able to have yearbook as one of their requirements but that changed after Bibler requested for it. Yearbook is a class that all students have the option to take. If you have not taken journalism you will need a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers so that Bibler can get a sense of their work ethics. If they are a freshmen that happened to take yearbook last year they can automatically become a member if they wanted.
Jones also states how joining yearbook is a relatively easy task any student can complete.
Yearbook members have to spend a lot of time getting interviews with students whether they are in person or over email. They try their best to make sure that all students opinions will be expressed .
If any student would like to join, they should email WCHS yearbook adviser Taylor Bibler or visit her room, E104.


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