Technology overuse detrimental to students’ health

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor
Technology has a huge impact on today’s society and also on everybody’s health. The amount of time a person spends on electronics or any type of technology can affect their health postively and negatively. A main problem with technology is the strain on your eyes. Spending a lot of time on your cell phone or even a small screen is not healthy. Bigger screens, like chromebooks, are better for your eyes rather than the smaller screens because of the larger font size on bigger screens, according to,
Texting has become a big part of technology use, not a lot of people go to each other’s houses anymore to hang out, everybody texts first. This can cause some anxiety and stress, by sitting there and waiting for someone to respond. According to psychologist Suzanne Phillips the anxiety of waiting “can cause feelings of elation and self-value only to be replaced by the disappointment of no response, delayed response or the misinterpretation o a short or seemingly surt response.”
In our generation, people are constantly on their phones and looking down. According to WCHS nurse Leslie Douglass, cell phones and other electronics can affect more than just your eyesight.
“…the concentrating, the light, the small print, all of that puts eye strain on you and not only can it cause you to have eye strain, it can also cause bad headaches, [pain in your] muscles in the head and neck. So it can affect a lot of things, not just the eyesight,” Douglass said.
As of late, students seem to be very obsessed with phones, tablets, video games etc. Most students use their phone before they go to sleep. Studies show that the brightness of your phone at night will keep your brain awake. According to, the blue light emitted by the screens restrain the production of melatonin. Tech Warrior Garrett Seawright catches himself getting on his phone before he goes to sleep.
“I always sleep with my phone close to my bed. I often find myself spending at least 30 minutes per night texting or playing a game on my phone before finally going to sleep,” Seawright said. “If I try sleeping without doing so, it seems like it takes longer for me to go to sleep.”
Technology has a big impacts your health depending on how much time a day a person spends on their phone or any device. Spending time on technology during the day is better rather than the evening so it can give your brain time to rest.


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