Technicians wire up WCHS

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

The technicians at WCHS fix any and all technological issues. They can fix any problem from a broken projector system to the internet in the school.
When lead technician for the corporation Brandan Wright came out of college, he knew he wanted to be a technician because of the growing career.

¨The opportunity came to me about five years ago. I knew some techs that were here before and it’s kind of transition for me; I just came out of college and decided tech was where I wanted to be just because it’s [a] growing career,¨ Wright said.

Onsite technician Matt Dugan was previously a technology coordinator at Franklin College but wanted a change.

“I always wanted to be a technician for a school and before that I was the technology coordinator at Franklin College. I really enjoyed that, but I was looking for a little bit of a change of pace and found that there’s an opening here and that’s when I started,” Dugan said.

Wright stated that it’s good to have a college education and certificates to get a job as a technician.

¨It’s good to have college education or certificates; there’s a Plus certificate, Netplus certificate; Google has certificates that you can get and there’s also a Cisco certificate, so you can get that. They are really good to have and can get high paying jobs,¨ Wright said,
Wright gets frustrated with ongoing issues in the school.

“Usually things that we’ve been working on for a while frustrates me, like when we had the wireless issue, and since we’ve been working on it for a while and we just couldn’t find an answer, I got frustrated.”

The technicians don’t only fix the wireless connections, but they also fix electronic devices throughout the school. Wright explained the procedures they go through to fix something in a classroom.

“We have a help desk that teachers would just submit tickets, [], to. They basically will tell us what the problem is so we’ll know what to come in and do. We’ll troubleshoot if it’s something we can fix, then we’ll do it, but [if] it’s something that we need to go back and get the tools for, then we’ll go get some tools,” Wright said.

The technicians of our school have been working on the wireless issue to better cope with the new Chromebooks the middle and elementary schools now have. Since the wireless is now fixed, the technicians have to spend their day keeping the wireless up and running on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also go around helping teachers and other staff members with issues they are having in their classrooms.


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