Stunting up to expectations

By Abigail Allen
Managing Editor

Football season is over, and now WCHS cheerleaders are preparing for basketball season; as Varsity is preparing for the rest of their competition season. They are hoping to make it to nationals in February 2018. Whether it be courtside, or in competition, cheerleaders work together to reach their goals, as each member is an important part of the team.
Cheering, tumbling, and stunting courtside to build team spirit are just a few reasons to look forward to basketball season, as Varsity prepares for competitions as well.
WCHS senior varsity cheerleader Sadie Welch and her squad have been practicing very hard for the past few months now, and they’re still preparing for their big competitions in their own unique routines and practices.
“We are practicing four out of five days of the week after school to prepare ourselves. We mentally prepare by encouraging one another on and off the mat to become better,” Welch said.
When a team advances in a big competition, particularly Mid-state last weekend, or Nationals in February, it can put stress on everyone, the cheerleaders, parents, and definitely the coach to take them to the end. CPMS math and science teacher and cheer coach Jennifer Killebrew has set some goals for both teams’ cheer seasons.
“At this point my goal is to improve our tumbling scores. It is so early in the season at this point to have any concrete goals for next season. We discuss our goals for the season as a team at the beginning of each season,” Killebrew said.
The teams work as one, and believe as one, so they’ve held their hopes high for future contests and games. And it shows as Varsity placed in the top ten of their division last year.
“I believe we will make it through to finals for State. We compete with the best of the best and I believe we can be just as good as the top teams,” Welch said.
Even with the extra pressure, the cheerleaders remain confident and proud as they work towards their biggest goal, making finals. And after the season is over, they prepare for basketball season, ready to cheer on their team, hold their heads high and bring smiles to every spectator’s face.


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