Starbucks’s secret menu item review

By Trinity Bentley
Staff Reporter

Starbuck’s secret menu item, Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, wasn’t the best. It has a scoop of vanilla bean powder and a shot of raspberry, which added to the flavor a little bit, but the lemonade part of it was lost in all the other flavors. The lemonade taste just isn’t there. The drink cost $3.95 plus an extra 50 cents for the shot of raspberry, which is kind of overpriced and wasn’t worth it. It was arid, so the powder in it makes this dehydrated feeling in your mouth, making drinking uncomfortable. The drink would be a bit better if it didn’t have all the extra stuff in it.

I wouldn’t recommend that people try it, but I also wouldn’t recommend not trying it, because it isn’t an awful drink. I feel like you have to get used to the taste of it because of the texture that it leaves in your mouth.


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