NHS tutors to lend a helping hand in academics

By Abigail Allen
Managing Editor

Co-sponsor of NHS and English teacher Allison Dugan believes tutoring can be that one thing a student needs to succeed where they once struggled.

“Sometimes all a person needs to understand something is to hear it explained in a different way, another student can help with that. Students benefit from being a tutor by helping people. It also helps prove that they really know the information they are helping with,” Dugan said. “When a student doesn’t feel comfortable going to a teacher, another student could be the perfect answer. Students can help by sharing the mistakes that they made with the subject material helping the student who needed tutoring not make the same mistakes.”

It’s very easy to meet a tutor and set a plan for sessions, a student needing a tutor can speak with their counselor or Dugan to access a tutor’s help.

“The NHS students signed up for subjects they would be willing to help with. Students in need of tutoring can either email me directly or talk to their counselor who will, in turn let me know. Then I contact the students willing to help with the subject needed. Then the two students get together on a time to tutor,” Dugan said.

NHS members senior Garrett Seawright and junior Leesha Thacker both tutor through the program and enjoy the experience of helping others.

“My favorite part of tutoring is honestly just getting closer to people and meeting new people that I haven’t met yet,” Thacker said.

The tutoring program is one of the best ways for students to get the help they need and to even make a new friend. Seawright discusses how he thinks the program benefits the students he tutors.

“Tutoring is a great resource that I would recommend to those who need help in a class. It won’t interfere with your daily schedule and it’s free. Not only do you get help in a class, but you become acquainted with someone who will always be there to answer your questions,” Seawright said.

Tutoring is usually scheduled for fourth period, but schedules can be adjusted to work around classes and other activities.

“Tutors meet one-on-one with students in a classroom and work through homework with them,” Thacker said.

Everyone struggles in a class, even the tutors themselves sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help every once in awhile, something even the helpers need help sometimes.

“I wanted to become a tutor in NHS to help others. I know what it feels like to struggle in a class, so I wanted to make myself available to those who need help,” Seawright said.

Everyone struggles sometimes, so there’s no shame in asking for a little help from a peer or teacher. Those interested in being a tutor, whether it be in NHS or not, should discuss opportunities with their counselor, and those looking for a tutor should ask their counselor or teacher to pass their name to Dugan to be matched with an NHS tutor.


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