“Jigsaw” review

By Halie Wingo
Staff Reporter

“Jigsaw,” the newest movie in the “Saw” series, was about a new game being played 10 years after Jigsaw, the main character of the “Saw” movies, died. The supposed dead John Kramer was making another game.

Though it is much shorter than normal movies, it keeps your attention the whole time. The mystery was captivating, pulling you in from the beginning to the end. It was an amazing film that made you want to see what was going on and who was recreating the games.

“Jigsaw” has many known actors such as Tobin Bell, Matt Passmore and Hannah Anderson. The actors all work well together to create an eerie and hair-raising movie. The movie was actually scary and suspenseful and the unsuspecting nature of the main characters was enjoyable. I recommend it to all horror fans.


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