Fenty Beauty revolutionizes modern makeup

By Nikkel Mitchell
Staff Reporter

People of color have been enjoying and practicing makeup for centuries upon centuries, however they had to settle for the shades that were too red, orange, grey, etc. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a new cosmetic company that debuted on Sept. 8 and has become instantly famous because of its diverse shades for allskin colors.

Many cosmetic companies have a variety of shades for people of color but they have not gone as in depth as Fenty Beauty by Rihanna did when she released her makeup line. Since finding the perfect shade is already difficult, people of color often don’t even find what they spent their time looking for.
Vanessa Ncube, junior at WCHS, explained how finding her shade is a difficult procedure.

“I’ve only been wearing makeup for just a couple of months so I’m very new to it, but I still haven’t found my shade and it’s frustrating because big companies only make six or seven shades for people of color. At that point, I have to settle with either getting a shade that’s too light or too dark. It’s so frustrating having to see the same shades every time I look,” Ncube said.

Although people of color have trouble finding their shade, it’s not just them. Many people have trouble finding the shade that fits their skin tone perfectly, no matter how fair their skin tone is. Even people that have been wearing makeup for just a small amount of time have witnessed the small variety of skin tones thatmost companies have.

Fenty Beauty has created shades for all types of skin tones and the variety has made it acceptable for many people to have a shade for them, no matter how light or dark. NikkieTutorials, a fair skinned Youtube Beauty Guru, reviewed the makeup line, and being very fair skinned herself she decided to buy the first few shades and ended up mixing two of the lightest shades to match her skin.

“I have the lightest shade right here, and I love the meaning behind this; this was actually designed with albino people in mind,” NikkieTutorials said.

Ncube hasn’t tried the foundation yet, but is excited there might be a foundation shade perfect for her.

“I think they would benefit my skin tone; I haven’t tried her foundation just yet but I’ve seen some great reviews and I know that she has my shade and other people’s shade and I just love that!” Ncube said.

When asked about her new makeup line and how diverse it was, Rihanna said, “It’s not rocket science!” She was tired of makeup lines with limited choices that gave almost no options for people of color. She wanted a makeup line that in every product, there was a shade for the lightest and darkest skin tones with all the in betweens.

“This is how it should be done; there’s not just one skin tone out there on this planet, there’s so many variations, there’s so many skin tones, so many undertones, and it’s a shame that so many makeup brands come out with just seven shades, and of the seven shades just two of them are kind of dark and not really dark,” NikkieTutorials said.

Other brands need to widen their variety and realize that people are not all grouped into a category or shades that just slightly tint off of one another. People of color have been awaiting this type of breakthrough in the makeup industry for decades now, and they have only just began with this variety of 40 different shades, each set at $34.


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