Colleges offer scholarships for athletics and academics

By Taelor Engle
Opinion Editor

Over $14 billion each year is spent because of scholarships. There are weird and unique scholarships out there, such as the zombie apocalypse scholarship.
What is a scholarship? It’s either a small or large grant to send a student to college..They come from foundations, such as the Shawn Carter foundation, a foundation based on helping those in need of furthering their education, and corporations, like Google. WCHS guidance counselor Kelly Rose, shared some insight on what a scholarship is.
“A scholarship is usually funded by a foundation and it’s money that is set aside specifically for sending a student to college. Usually smaller ones are for the families of someone maybe that’s passed or to honor someone. They gather money every year to give a student a scholarship,” Rose said.
Autumn Wobser, a senior at WCHS, is attending Butler University next fall for her freshman year of college. Wobser plans to go to school to become a pharmacist. She has been awarded a scholarship for BU.
“My scholarship is through Butler University, and it is $17,000 and an academic scholarship,” Wobser said.
Scholarships are given for many reasons. Not just because of one’s athletics. Scholarships can be given based on academic achievements, such as a high score on the PSAT or a high GPA throughout a high school career. Rose explained the scholarships offered and the difference between them.
“There’s two different kinds of scholarships, there’s merit based scholarships and there’s need based scholarships. Merit based scholarships are ones that one would apply for if they did really well in school. That means they’re going to get money based on the classes they took and how well they did. Need based scholarships are going to be the base of students that can’t afford to go to college otherwise. Sometimes you can apply for both of them, you know, if you worked really hard and you need the money, for the need based part, you can get several different scholarships but usually you fit into one category or the other,” Rose said.
Anyone can receive a scholarship for, almost, anything. Even for being left handed. According to, there’s a scholarship for promoting vegetarianism. Fill out an application on the family connections website, provided on the school website, on other sites, such as, or in the guidance office.


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