Black Friday traditions change over past years

By Trinity Bentley
Staff Writer

Black Friday is hectic, from the fights to the crazy deals. Black Friday, the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. It is a day where people go out and start their Christmas shopping and a lot of the stores have sales and deals, to draw people in but that’s not how it originally was. “The first term ‘Black Friday’ was applied to the crash of the U.S. Gold Market in 1869”, according to According to, Black friday is a state holiday, not a federal one.
Junior Kat Pence works at Men’s Wearhouse and spoke about why people make a big deal out of the day.
Pence explained why she thought people make a big deal out of Black Friday because of the sales and deals that stores offer.
“It’s likely due to marketing, they’ll boast about huge sales that it makes you want these insanely cheap items even if you don’t need them, leading to jam packed stores, overwhelmed workers, and a total mess by the end of the day,” Pence said.
Pence talked about the strategy she uses when she goes shopping on Black Friday.
“Just head for what I need/ really want from the sales, then browse around after I have what I want,” Pence said.
Pence talked about why she tries not to go shopping, but occasionally does.
“Personally, I try not to go shopping on [Black Friday], it’s too chaotic and the lines are really long, but if I were to shop it would be because sales are enticing and it’s good for holiday shopping,” Pence said.
Pence spoke about how she prepares for the night.
“As a retail worker; drinking a lot of coffee. As a shopper; saving up and looking online.” Pence said.
Senior Sierra Helms works at The Christmas Tree Shop and spoke about how shopping on Black Friday saves her money.
“It benefits me because it helps me save money to buy stuff for other people,” Helms said.
Helms talked about why she goes shopping on Black Friday.
“They have the best deals for presents on black friday,” Helms said.
Helms talked about how the day is helpful to certain people.
“I wouldn’t say it’s a big deal but it is a very helpful day to those who like to buy [things] cheap,” Helms said.
Helms spoke about what she does to prepare for the night of shopping.
“Look at magazines for that store ahead of time to see their deals,” Helms said.
Black Friday is the start of the unofficial shopping season of Christmas. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and people stand outside starting from Midnight till the stores open the next day. The unofficial holiday has been around for a long time but the term didn’t always stand for shopping, the term originated for the U.S Gold Mine crash.


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