Ann’s restaurant serving up second chances

By Jaelin Engle
Feature Editor

Ann’s restaurant, which has been open for 65 years, is a little restaurant in downtown Franklin right behind the courthouse. Many people who live in the area rave about how amazing the food is and the positivity of the employees. That’s not the only thing that people rave about. Ann’s is owned by the Tara Rehab Center, which helps those who have been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. This restaurant helps many of the people in rehab get back on their feet by providing a job and helping them find a house in the local area, giving them a second chance.

Many of the people who work at Ann’s are volunteers from Tara who have proven that they would like to try again. Ann’s manager James Klein, stated that all the workers are hard working and there are no notable difference between volunteers and employees.

“Yes, we have volunteers from Tara, but you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between people we hire on and volunteers; they all work really hard,” Klein said.

Debra Gahimer, a frequent customer at Ann’s, talked about the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“It is very busy, but friendly. We were met almost as soon as we came in and the servers were busy, but they cared,” Gahimer said. “The employees, especially my waitress Brandy, did an amazing job at making sure every single customer felt at home while they were there. The employees were making all of the people around me smile and laugh and not a lot of restaurants would go out of the way just to make customers happy.”

The food there is delicious and it’s obvious that the cooks take a lot of time to prepare the food to make it quality. Gahimer talked about the prices of the food she ordered, the service and the food itself.

“The server kept a smile even though she was very busy. The food was fresh, tasted great and exactly what I ordered. The price was appropriate for the quality and quantity of food,” Gahimer said.

When I went to Ann’s, I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, fried pickles and french fries. The food was exquisite and Brandy made sure that I had a smile on my face the whole time I was there. They have so many types of food from breakfast to dinner items and a reasonable price on the food for the amount that they give you. The quantity of the food given to each customer is also great. It was enough for one meal and for future meals with leftovers. Since 1952, Ann’s has been a family-owned business that treats everyone who works there as if they were all a big family. It is a great place and the people there are just so brilliant.

Talking to the workers was so enjoyable. Everyone should go to Ann’s because the food and purpose is spectacular. Quality dining and helping others get a second chance is a win-win.


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