A day in the life of Tom Zobel

By Taelor Engle
Opinion Editor

Tom Zobel, principal of WCHS, leads a high school with exactly 1,878 students and a faculty of over 100 people.

Responsibility and leadership are major parts of his job, along with other factors.

Zobel chose to work at WCHS because he wanted somewhere close to home with a good reputation that he could continue to strengthen.

“Good reputation in the school and community to become apart of, close to home for me; I was looking for a place to come and kind of learn and grow and continue to advance in my career. This school is kind of the next step,” Zobel said.

Zobel’s tasks are different, depending upon the day. But any day likely involves helping students and faculty with their needs and questions. Zobel talked about what his days usually include.

“A lot of problem solving, a lot of just working through issues with people to try to help them whether it be students or a staff member, whomever. So we do a lot of that every day, and just keeping prized on not only building levels and stuff but changes in education that are happening around the state or the country so that I can make sure that we’re in compliance with all the new changes that are happening in education out there,” Zobel said.

Everything has pros and cons to it. Even Mr. Zobel doesn’t have a perfect day everyday; it’s inevitable.

“Some days it’s awesome, some days it’s terrible. So you got to take the highs with the lows, the goods with the bads. Obviously, when you are the person in charge of a building that’s this large or buildings that are this large, that have several hundred people working for you, and almost 1,900 hundred students that go to school here, that’s a big responsibility and I take that lightly so yeah, there are times where things don’t go well, that it’s really emotionally draining, so I just have to picture that I’m finding those positives,” Zobel said.

Before Zobel became an administrator, he was a teacher. People who cared about him encouraged him to join an administration team.

“After teaching for 13 years, my superintendent, at the time, really encouraged me to get my administrator’s license. He gave me my first admin position the next year,” Zobel said.

While teachers instruct students and help them learn, administrators guide and lead a student body and a staff while trying to find new things for learning and providing us with the needed materials.

“There are very few daily tasks that administrators do every day. Some might include: Supervising hallway/transition area, cafeteria duty…. Some other tasks that we do: plan and run meetings, attend special ed case conferences, read about and research various school improvement efforts, review and analyze student data,” Zobel said.

Zobel helps us all, including teachers, in many different ways.

He makes sure we get what we need to learn and makes sure the teachers have what they need to teach their students each day of the week.
Zobel works on different tasks each day. Often, a lot of what he does for students and staff is the necessary “behind the scenes” work that many people do not easily recognize.


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