H-bomb threats increase US tensions with North Korea

By Landon Crook

Entertainment Editor

Recently, U.S. and North Korean relations have hit a critical point. As recent as September 29th, Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, stated that millions of North Koreans are ready and willing to fight the U.S. The tensions can be traced back to around January of this year, when Donald Trump, President of the U.S., tweeted that North Korea will never make a missile that will reach the United States.

Chris Wood, History teacher here at WCHS, explains our current situation with North Korea.

“I would say very scary to be honest with you. I used to teach geography, so ten years ago I was talking about the Korean Peninsula being one of those ‘hotspots’ so to speak in the world where you really have to be worried about what happened there that could impact the rest of the world and internationally. I am very concerned with the situation in terms of not able to realistically talk to North Korea. We have no relations with them, there’s no way of solving the problem easily. So I’m concerned.” Wood said.

Wood then went on to explain why he think there is a possibility of a diplomatic solution.
“I think a diplomatic solution is always possible. I think with North Korea, some would call a ‘rogue nation’ not willing to listen to the rest of the world. I think the concern with North Korea though is that you will have to use military presence to put pressure on them for the pressure to work and I think the number one thing is China has got to help put pressure on North Korea. If we can get China to support the United States viewpoint then I think that is probably the best chance of success at reeling North Korea into wanting to discuss a diplomatic solution.” Wood said.

In North Korea, according to Express, propaganda is spread depicting artwork of Americans performing acts of torture on North Koreans. Dictator Kim Jong-un heavily relies on propaganda to convince his citizens of America’s cruelty and to gain support for his regime. Tensions are rising between America and North Korea, with the strong possibility of North Korea having hydrogen bomb technology.

According to Scientific America, the North Korean foreign minister recently hinted North Korea would be testing an H-bomb over the Pacific Ocean sometime in the near future. Without proper care, the effects of the bomb on marine life and people living nearby could be detrimental due to the radiation produced.

One miscalculation or imperfection with such a powerful weapon could spell doom. This possible development in North Korean technology has incited President Donald Trump to make aggressive allegations regarding North Korea and question if they actually have the technology they claim.

As of right now, tensions have reached an all time high between the two countries, causing the Doomsday Clock to advance in time, from three minutes to two minutes, 30 seconds to midnight (closest we’ve been to midnight since 1953 during the Cold War).


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