Take a break from stress

By Jaelin Engle
Feature Editor

Many people all around the world suffer from feeling stressed. It usually comes from the brain when it feels that it’s being over worked and can no longer focus on something, which will cause it to release a hormone that indicates a negative feeling in a person’s body or their state of mind.

People respond to stress in many different ways. According to UCLA, some signs of too much stress could be restlessness, muscle tension or sleep difficulties. Many students at WCHS have school work, jobs and clubs and other responsibilities. It’s can be difficult to just find time for themselves to relax and gather their thoughts so that the stress will not overwhelm them. According to UCLA, a little stress is known to be healthy because it can teach the mind to protect itself.

Most teens are at a higher threat for stress than the average adult. According to jhsph.edu, the early teen years are marked by rapid changes—physical, cognitive, and emotional. Young people also face changing relationships with peers, new demands at school and family tensions. This can cause a lot of problems for people’s emotional state.

Stress can lead up to depression for teens and young adults, which is why teens in the recent generations are known to be the most depressed. Today, most teens are more exposed to these problems than most teenagers have been in the past. The community has become a very violent place and expectations for teens have risen quite a bit.

Teens can be very vulnerable to emotions that they feel or emotions that are pushed onto them, especially since they are so young and so much is changing in their lives.

According to jhsph.edu, some things that may cause stress for teens are school pressure, the pressure of dating and friendships, peer pressure, and the pressure to be a particular size or body shape.

When all of this stress is built up on a teen, it can cause so much pain emotionally.
People tend to deal with stress in different ways. Some ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner would be to talk to others about what is happening, exercise and eat regular meals. Teens should also do things that they enjoy and accept themselves for who they are. Nobody is perfect or lives a stress free life.


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