Comparing artist’s debut albums with current albums


Taylor Swift

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor
Taylor Swift’s first album, “Taylor Swift,” and her most recent album, “Reputation,” are two completely different genres of music.

One album is country and the other is pop. “Reputation” comes out Nov. 10 but she has released a song from her new album, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Her first album was solely contemporary country, but as she made more albums it changed into pop. “Speak Now” had a mix of both pop and country, followed by “Red,” which had both too, just with a little more pop. “1989” is when she made her full transition to pop.

Her recent music and her new song is more edgy pop. A song from her first album “Teardrops on my Guitar” is very country and calming, whereas “Look at What You Made Me Do” from her newest is very vengeful to the people in her past.

It seems like the past album has more meaning rather than the newer albums and songs.

I’m not a big fan of her country music but I do like her first album.

I prefer her as a pop music artist rather than a country artist, but all of her songs are still enjoyable to me.


By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor
Drake, a rap artist, has come out with many albums but one of his first albums was “Room for Improvement.”

His songs are very meaningful and put things into perspective. “Thrill is Gone,” from the album “Room for Improvement” is about being relieved from a breakup, but also regretting it.

It’s also about the thrill of being happy from getting out of a bad relationship.

A lot of Drake’s songs are about relationships and that’s what makes them all similar. However, he does break that theme a bit in his newest album.
“More Life” is also hip-hop and a follow up from the 2016 album “Views.” A song from “More Life” is “Fake Love.”

This song is different from “Thrill is Gone” because it’s about people in his life using him and pretending to be his friend so they can be better than him.

At first his songs were about the bad leaving his life and him being happy about it and now they are about heartbreak or people hurting him.

All of his albums are really good and overall enjoy them.

I do prefer his newer songs over his older ones, however.


By Ethan Owen
Copy Editor
Gorillaz has experimented with different sounds, genres and styles throughout the virtual band’s music career.

This experimentation has become their modus operandi, and you expect new things with each album they put out.

In the beginning, with their debut album “Gorillaz,” each song was different and had its own spirit. “Clint Eastwood,” “Ghost Train” and “Tomorrow Comes Today” were all very different but with the unique Gorillaz undertone that is still there today.

Some call Gorillaz style “Trip-hop,” owing to their eccentric usage of synthesizers and the like.

Their latest album, “Humanz,” shows a lot of how they’ve changed over the past 15 years.

“Humanz” incorporates a lot more rap than any previous album.

Songs like “Let Me Out” and “Ascension” strongly resemble modern hip hop, but “Humanz” still incorporates so much of the classic Gorillaz style with songs like “Andromeda” and “Carnival.”

Overall, “Humanz” was a great addition to Gorillaz portfolio, bringing interesting voices and themes to their pool of music.


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