The Tribe inspires student athletes

By Halie Wingo
Staff Writer

The WCHS student section, The Tribe, has been a massive aide with supporting sports at the school for years. The Tribe provides an exciting environment at football games. The student section can be a fun way to get involved in school activities, make new friendships and support the school.

WCHS Senior Tribe Leader David Ryan discussed how he became the student section leader and how it has impacted him this year. Spencer Hubler asked Ryan to be the Tribe leader at the end of last year.

“Spencer Hubler came up to me at the end of last year, because he ran it,” Ryan said. “He asked me if I wanted to take over when he graduated and I sprung at the opportunity.”

Keeping the Tribe cheering throughout the game can sometimes be a challenge for Ryan. The student section can lose enthusiasm if the Warriors are losing and it can be difficult to keep spirits up.

“When you’re losing, like when you’re playing Center Grove and you haven’t scored yet, and you’re down 30 or 40 points, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm,” Ryan said.

Matthew Luechtefeld, a junior at WCHS, has played football for 10 years now. He likes having the student section at football games to keep him and his team excited throughout the night.

“I like it when they chant people’s names and then whenever I catch a football and I just hear them yelling louder than anyone on the field,” Luechtefeld said.

Luechtefeld loves having the Tribe at the games because they stand out from other student sections and truly support the team.

“I think that we have the best tribe because they are always supportive no matter what and they’re always there at any one of our games, no matter how far it is, and they just always just get us so hyped up just to play a game,” Luechtefeld said.

The student section’s cheers and encouragement help the football players because they always need a good support system to back them up in their games.

“I know it is definitely beneficial to have a good fan base behind you when you’re playing or doing anything,” Ryan said.

Ryan asks for help from his peers so he can smoothly run the student section. He asks several friends to help him with rallying up school spirit. Jackson Williams is a junior who is very involved at the football games throughout the season.

“It’s honestly all the people that show up at the tailgates are the ones that help me the most planning for the games and for the events and themes,” Ryan said.

Williams said that he enjoys helping Ryan a lot throughout the year.

“I like being a part of the student section and getting everyone excited for the team,” Williams said.

Williams goes to the tailgates and leads some of the cheers throughout the evening.

“I go to every tailgate; I’ve been to just about every game except if I have an important event to where I can’t go to the game. I enjoy going to the games. I stand in the front row and start a lot of cheers and just get people excited for the games,” Williams said.

The Tribe at WCHS is a huge support system and a fun way to get involved.
Getting to go to the games and experience Friday night lights could be a great chance to get involved with the school and participate in the fun themes. Students will be able to make new friends and memories, too.


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