Counselors touch students’ lives daily by Taelor Engle

WCHS has very many things to offer, one of those being counselors. They are very beneficial for this school and for the students in it by the services they provide such as academic, career, and personal counselling.

“There is no typical day as a counselor. We juggle a lot. We have between 400-450 students each and are here to help them with social, academic and personal issues. Along with that, we also coordinate testing: PSAT, AP, SAT, Accuplacer, ISTEP+, ECA,” Laura Ehringer WCHS couselor said.

A couple of the most important reasons we have counselors is for academics. Counselors create schedules based on needs and preferences and help you plan your future and career.

“High school counsellors, we work with students in a couple different areas, one is academic counselling, helping students through the process of getting their high school diploma, what type of diploma they’re going to get, helping them with their plans after high school, whatever that looks like. We help students with that, we help students with career counselling, as far as what kind of careers you’re looking for and what kind of post secondary education they need after that,” Dave McMillan said.

They also provide us with a major thing, personal help and guidance. High school students go through rough patches in life whether they be at home, personal, or social problems.

“We work a lot with personal counselling, students that are having issues either with other students or issues at home, or something like that. We hope that our students feel that they can come to us and talk about those issues, it’s a safe place for them to, you know, be able to discuss some things that maybe are very stressful in their life,” McMillan said.

Counselors are trust worthy people. Hannah Summers, junior at WCHS explained how she could trust her counselor.

“I knew that I could trust him, the first time I went to him was about a bullying problem that I had and he figured out the bullying problem and helped it stop for the most part, I don’t know if it’s still happening or not, and then he never told anyone, he kept it to himself,” Summers said.

If being a counselor in the future is an interest, psychology is an option to take at WCHS. Four years is required for a bachelor’s degree and one to two years is required for a masters degree in college.

Counselors are very helpful and beneficial for people. They help with so many different things and their office is a safe place. They’re here to help and be there even when it feels like there’s no one to go to. Counselors are always there.


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