Player Spotlight: senior Lindsey Boltz

By Whitney Black
Staff Writer

Senior volleyball player Lindsey Boltz , #16, brings her team a personality that will be missed when she graduates this year. Boltz’s coach Carolyn Ray discussed Boltz’s impact on the team

“Lindsey brings a special spark … with some enthusiasm. She’s also a senior so she has some leadership and she’s been on varsity since she was a freshman so she knows how to handle situations,” Ray said.
Boltz has played volleyball since she was in 5th grade. Boltz explained the relationship she has with her mother.
“My mom pushes me to be a better person and player overall. She’s always supporting me,” Boltz said.
Typically, younger kids on a team look up to the older ones as an example of how to better themselves as a player and how to act.
“… I know that I have to be a leader because I’m an upperclassmen and there’s girls that are going to be looking up to me more than before,” Boltz said.
On the volleyball team, Boltz brings an attitude that can be difficult to maintain consistently as an athlete. Ray discussed the positive attitude Boltz always has.
“She never gives up. She gets frustrated with herself but she never gives up. She tries to fix it. She has the attitude, ‘Okay, I’m going to get it next time and I’m going to fix it next time and help me.’ It’s never that negativity. She’ll get upset with herself but it’s in a way [that] she wants to better herself and you can see that she has that drive,” Ray said.
Lindsey has a tremendous impact on the volleyball team. Ray discussed how the team could be different next year after Boltz graduates.
“She’s a big leader; she steps up and plays positions even when she might not be expecting to play that position. She has to go into the outside or the middle and she never argues with it; she just does it because she knows that’s what’s best for the team,” Ray said.
Boltz not only is leaving an impact on the volleyball team, but on Coach Ray.
“Showing her dedication and passion to the sport and the team [inspires me]. Obviously our season has been difficult. We’ve only had two or three wins and to have that drive from someone who’s been a part of this program for so long but just doesn’t give up is really inspiring for me as a new coach,” Ray said.
Boltz has brought the volleyball team a long way with her hard work, passion and positive attitude. The team will miss her after she graduates this year. She plans to play softball in college, but has not committed anywhere yet. Boltz would like to play volleyball, too, if she has the opportunity.


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