Lacrosse team to finally compete in official league

By Kobe King

Staff Writer

Lacrosse has been around for 387 years and now has been introduced to WCHS with the help of sophomore lacrosse player Eli Buie. The object of lacrosse is to score more points than your opponents at the end of four quarters, which last for 15 minutes each. You score a point by throwing the ball across the goal line of the opponent’s goal.
Buie loves lacrosse because it pushes his body to the limit.

“You’re testing your body to the limits with the physical side of things such as the contact and endurance and you’re also pushing your mind to the limit with mental things such as what you’re going to do for the next play,” Buie said.

Buie helps the new people learn to play lacrosse.

“Well right now we’re basically just taking the new guys to side and we’re teaching them the basics and soon as they learn the basics, we basically cleanse that stuff and make sure it’s clean and they know what they’re doing and as soon as I get done with all the basics we’re going to throw them into a game,” Buie said.

John Calender, head coach for the Whiteland lacrosse team, explains how the lacrosse team plans to compete this year.

“Since we have not been officially entered into the IHSLA (Indiana High School Lacrosse Association), we will be limited to some scrimmages. At this point I have games penciled in with Roncalli and Southport with the possibility of Columbus, Perry Meridian, Scecina. I have heard that there are a couple of schools that are starting new programs so we will see if we can get together and have a scrimmage,” Calender said.

Calender has been a coach for lacrosse for 10 years in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Indiana. He has coached both field and box lacrosse. He started playing in high school for two years but then stopped and he started playing it again because his friend, with a great background for lacrosse, asked him to come out for their league.
Calender explained aspects that he loves about coaching the sport he loves.

“I love the kids, teaching them something new, seeing the light go off when they grasp a new concept, seeing them grow and develop into young men,” Calender said.

Calender also stated that he was very surprised this fall when he had 18 kids come out and try lacrosse; they were all sophomores and freshman. Last year, they had 10 kids for their first practice; right now they have around 18 kids. Per the IHSLA, they needed a minimum of 16 kids to for a team to join the league. Now that they have 18, they are in it to win it!


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