WCHS holds Costa Rica trip in the summer of 2018

By Alyssa Daniels

Sports Editor

WCHS is hosting an opportunity for WCHS students to fly to Costa Rica in June of 2018 for 10 days. There are only six students going right now and the group would love for more students and staff to sign up and go.

Clark Pleasant Academy teacher Lesleigh Groce is hosting the trip to Costa Rica. Groce explained why she decided to be the head leader of the trip.

“I love to travel and heard about the opportunity for teachers to travel with students and it was an easy decision. I love to be a part of students’ learning and travel is the best way to experience some of the most influential aspects of learning,” Groce said.

Olivia Monge, a senior at WCHS, is one of the six students currently planning to attend the trip. Monge explained how she’s looking forward to spending some time with some of the students.

“I’m going with one of my friends, Naseem, so I’m really looking forward to hanging out with her and getting closer with her. Since it’s such a small group of kids, it’s like we are going to get close and how many people can say that they have been to Costa Rica in high school or for a graduation gift?” Monge said. “So it’s really cool and if you weren’t in high school, you really wouldn’t get that opportunity because it would be a lot more expensive than what it is.”

Going to Costa Rica is a big deal and there are plenty of different things to do while you’re there. Monge explained what they plan on doing in Costa Rica.

“We are swimming in water falls, we’re visiting schools and the wild life and we are going to ride horses in the waters and it is going to be a lot of fun,” Monge said.

This trip all together costs $2,900, not including any extra money you would like to bring to buy any souvenirs.

According to Monge, the trip is well worth the cost.

“It was very expensive but it was worth it because everything is paid for; the food is paid for. The hotels are paid for, everything included. The only money you would need is for tips or personal items, like everything else is already paid for and that’s pretty cheap for this kind of trip,” Monge said.

Whitney Cole, a sophomore at WCHS, is also going on the trip. Cole also explained what she would like to do on the trip.

“I want to see a hot spring, a waterfall, go to a national park and go in a rainforest. Going somewhere I’ve never been and seeing and doing new things I can’t do in Indiana,” Cole said.

Since this is such a big trip with a lot of planning and organizing with money, students and staff are trying to get everything together for the trip but Groce explained the process.

“It is actually easy! The company that I work with does most of the work. The hard part is finding kids to go. Travel is expensive, so that is a hurdle,” Groce said.

“This trip is an amazing opportunity and price if people can make it work to go.”

This trip could be an educational experience for some students and staff. Groce is still looking for some students and staff who would like to go. For every six kids they need one adult, so if anyone would like to go, they are still taking sign ups. While you’re there you will be able to see waterfalls, ride horses in the water, and many other different things. Anyone interested can email Groce at lgroce@cpcsc.k12.in.us for more information.


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