Destiny 2 review

By Landon Crook
Entertainment Editor

“Destiny 2” is by no means a bad game. It’s a fundamentally sound game but the minimal amount of changes make this a game I find a hard time justifying buying whenever there are plenty of other unique games out right now or soon. The story is a continuation from the first game, and is told in a very sluggish way.

There are sections of the game where it is nothing but exposition and dialogue, which just goes on and on. The cutscenes were really good, however. The controls were also good, nothing out of the ordinary.

The gameplay was also rock solid, but there weren’t very many changes and that’s the game’s biggest issue.

A lot of first-person shooters are lacking substantial innovation to their sequels and “Destiny 2” is no exception. Once again, not a bad pickup, but you can do better than this.


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