Bully Busters club restarts to change WCHS

By Trinity Bentley

Staff Writer

The Bully Busters club is making their comeback after a long time, which will change WCHS for the better. This club helps to stop bullies and helps inform kids, no matter their age, that bullying is never okay and how to prevent it. It is a student-led club open to everybody. The group currently has 10 to 11 kids and is looking for more members.

WCHS science teacher Dana Griffin, decided to start and sponsor the club after hearing Superintendent Patrick Spray explain what’s happening in the schools.

“This week we had a community outreach day where the superintendent talked about some things going on in schools and how our school is changing and I just kind of felt the need to try and see if we could revive it and I talked to Mr. Zobel, and Mrs. Fritz and they were like ‘go for it’ and so I put out a call out meeting and I got a pretty active group going on here,” Griffin said.

The club also helps the guidance counselors with planning school-wide lessons and hopes that this club will become a functioning part of the school.

“I mean we’ve got some bully lessons that are coming up that are school-wide and they’ve [Bully Busters members] got something where they want to do a bully pledge and have a banner down in the cafeteria so after they do some of those things where they are more active out in the school population,” Griffin said,

Sophomore member and student leader of the group, Makina Thomas, spoke about why she joined the club.

“I know just from experience, lots of people who got bullied, they don’t tend to talk up because they’re scared, so this club is kind of bringing awareness to that and once they realize there is other people who deal with these kinds of things then we are hoping that will bring people out of their shells and try to basically open up to, to speak up, to join the group. This is a place where you can feel welcome no matter who you are, what’s happened to you or anything like that,” Thomas said.

Thomas explained further about what their club is doing currently and what they are planning to do in the future.

“We do fund raising for different families and stuff, we do posters to hang up in the hallway, we help the counselors with their lessons that they do, like they do school wide lessons and stuff. We go to other schools and talk to younger group of kids, to try to bring awareness to the situation and to say that ‘they are not alone;’ they aren’t and there are things they can do to prevent or stop it,” Thomas said.

Sophomore member Selena Dominguez spoke about what inspired her to join.

“What inspired me the most was not only because I wanted to be a part of a great group and be a member of it, but I also wanted to be a leader, to show others the positive acts that you can do, whether it’s putting a smile on someone’s face or just helping out with the community and everything. I wanted to be a part of that and make a difference so that others will be able to join,” Dominguez said.

The Bully Busters club takes on a lot of responsibility when it comes to planning things or coming up with ideas for things. The club meets every Friday in Mrs. Griffin’s classroom, B212. To join just use this code to gain access to their Google Classroom page: wv4a79c.


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