1-800-273-8255 Logic Review

By Halie Wingo
Staff Writer

The song “1-800-273-8255” has a much deeper message than the words convey. Logic uses his voice and the sounds in the back to create meaning and emotion. The name of the song is the suicide prevention hotline number. Logic sings about being sad and wanting to die because he is upset with his life.
This is such a touching song about the worth of life and loved ones. When you’re having a bad time and not being in control, it can be upsetting, but by listening you can relate to the words and the emotion behind the song.
Logic makes the point that being upset is a part of life but there are still good parts to make everyday better in some way. I would give this song five stars because of the message behind it, the moving VMA performance and the impact it has on everyone listening.


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