Debate over wall sparks government shutdown

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief Dec. 22 to Jan. 25, 35 days, marked the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The government opened back up Jan. 28, but only temporarily. On Feb. 15, Congress and Trump will come back together to try and reach a compromise. If no agreement is reached, the government could... Continue Reading →

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Indy ranks as 12th most dangerous city

By Amy Clark Staff Reporter According to CBS and, Indianapolis was ranked as the 12th most dangerous city in the United States. The violent crime rate for Indianapolis is 1,374 per 100,000 residents. The most common crime in Indiana is some type of larceny/theft, followed by aggravated assault. Police officers are constantly working in... Continue Reading →

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Loudermilk teaches Spear-It

By Abby Allen Managing Editor Business classes and the Preparing for College and Careers class are offered at WCHS to aid students in building the knowledge and experience for their futures. Business and Preparing for College Careers teacher Kyle Loudermilk has taken his lessons one step further: opening a business specifically for business students to... Continue Reading →


OPINION: Make more sports available to students

By Emma Gibson Staff Reporter Schools should have more sport options available for student athletes so that there are more than the “traditional school sports.” When people think of school sports, they think of football, soccer, cheer, baseball, swimming or basketball, rather than mixed martial arts, skateboarding or dodgeball. If schools provided these sports for... Continue Reading →

Album review: Icarus Falls

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief Former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, released his second album, “Icarus Falls,” on Dec. 14 and compared to “Mind of Mine,” it missed the mark. Everything sounded too electronic and edited, which was disappointing because I know Zayn has a beautiful voice and was always my favorite in 1D.... Continue Reading →

TV Show review: You

By Alyssa Daniels Sports Editor On Jan. 18 Netflix released a new show, “You.” This show is about a man meeting a woman in a bookstore and he becomes obsessed with her and stalks her until they start dating. He ends up doing some cruel and immoral things behind her back without her knowing at... Continue Reading →

Book review: Hindsight

By Halie Wingo Opinion Editor “Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me” is an autobiography written by singer Justin Timberlake. It’s a collection of memories, pictures and stories from his life. Timberlake’s stories are about his rise to fame, friends, family and the challenges he faced to become the best... Continue Reading →

Mental health effects students worldwide

By Tiniya Bailey Staff Reporter Mental disorders such as ADHD, depression and anxiety are very common in teenagers.. Each individual requires a different support system and these disorders all can affect people in different ways. But there are various ways that you can cope with mental issues that can be healthy or unhealthy. According to... Continue Reading →

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